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AddressWorks Overview

Welcome to AddressWorks!

AddressWorks is a SendRight™ certified partner to NZ Post's data quality programme, which was introduced on July 1st 2008. We offer a range of cleaning, matching and certification services to organisations of all sizes who are wanting to improve the overall quality of their data.

Good quality data not only enables business’s to maximise their bulk mail discounts, it also offers significant business benefits through ensuring your customer communications reach the right customers at the right time. It will improve your return on direct marketing campaigns and enable you to avoid unnecessary production and mailing costs, duplicate or inappropriate mailings and the expense of processing ‘gone no address’ returned mail (GNA’s).

Enhancing customer data with demographic information, removing duplication from within databases and validating existing data can also assist in forming a single customer view and improve your returns on mailing investments.

How do you know if your database needs cleaning?

A Statement of Accuracy (SOA) will provide you with the percentage match of your database, as measured against the NZ Post Postal Address File (PAF). This is required by NZ Post to obtain your bulk mail discounts. Free software that enables you to produce your own SOA can be downloaded by clicking here: If you are unable to do this for whatever reason, please contact us. A SOA can be run at any time and is valid for 12 months.

How are address databases cleaned?

There are two ways data can be processed for cleaning and both services offered by AddressWorks append a free Statement of Accuracy. The cleaning process checks a file for errors and missing information, corrects misspellings and poor formatting, introduces the right suburb/city relationships and appends the correct postcode.

Option 1 - Web Portal

This option is a fully automated, self-service process aimed at organisations that are comfortable formatting their own data correctly and have good address content. The Web Portal service requires a brief registration and will typically return a file within 24 hours, subject to time of payment.

Option 2 - Bureau Service

For bureau cleaning, data can be sent via email or on disk and this service enables a greater degree of customisation and flexibility to file types, formats and reporting requirements. Bureau cleaning also manages irregularities such as non-address elements in the address fields better, as an addressing expect will manually check over the file and make any tweaks to get a better result.

Costs for cleaning services can be obtained through our cost estimate calculator at the top left-hand side of this page.

NZ Owned

AddressWorks have a great team of people in Auckland and around the country with a wide range of skills and experience in analysis, marketing, database management, and data manipulation. As a New Zealand business, we have been working with and understanding the complexities of New Zealand's unique names and addressees for some time. We also offer local help-desk support and endeavour to assist our clients to achieve the best result wherever possible.

Best result

We are proud to have scored tops with the highest accuracy result of all New Zealand Post SendRight™ Certified Partners during the certification process.

What is SendRight™?

From July 2008 NZ Post introduced its new address accuracy program SendRight™. To continue to achieve bulk mail discounts the new system requires bulk mail users to achieve high addressing standards within their databases and prove this with a current and valid Statement of Accuracy (SOA).

For more information on SendRight™ Click Here.

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